The Bandera, Uvalde, Medina, Real County - Utopia/Vanderpool Area Emergency Services District No.1 (Utopia/Vanderpool ESD #1) is a political subdivision of the State Of Texas. Each governing member of the ESD is an elected Commissioner that resides within the ESD boundary. Elections for the five Commissioners are staggered every two years at the November General Election on even numbered years (2020, 2022, etc.).

The entire election process is regulated by the Texas Secretary of State (SOS). Date of the election, qualifications for the candidate, and the application form (to be on the ballot) information is located on the Texas Secretary of State website.


Candidate Application For A Place On The General Election Ballot Form (form 2-21) can be downloaded from the SOS website, completed, and filed by USMail with the Utopia/Vanderpool ESD#1 Secretary at P.O.Box 1027, Utopia, Texas 78884, following the guidelines set forth by the Texas Secretary of State on their website.

* An election will cost the ESD approximately $10,000. Money that will not be available to support the Fire or EMS departments. *
* If you want to dedicate the time and work to serve as a commissioner, please attend a meeting and discuss with any board member *
* With our minimal tax revenue the $10,000 is needed to support the Fire and EMS departments. *

Election Locations

The ESD does not administer elections or have a voting location.

Since Utopia/Vanderpool ESD #1 is located in portions of four counties (Bandera, Uvalde, Medina, and Real), the elections are administered by each of these four counties and voting locations are defined by the four counties. Check with the county where you live to find your voting location.